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Understanding an incoming student's needs is a time consuming, but vital process. I myself and my other teachers have said, "If I'd only known, I could have made the student's transition better." Everyone has the best of intentions, but time is the enemy when it comes to thoroughly investigating the background of potential students with special needs.

I work directly with schools to assist in the process of understanding if your school has the services or can scale services to meet the needs of an incoming student with additional needs. My in depth research is presented in a clear and concise format which helps all involved understand a student's needs within minutes.

Using my 20 years of special needs teaching experience, I consolidate all disability documentation and testing as well as interview past therapists and teachers to create a learner profile. The learner profile can be customized to meet the needs of your educational institution. The learner profile clearly illustrates:


  • background information

  • education history

  • present levels of performance

  • current services

  • successful strategies

  • recommendations

An example of a Learner Profile:

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