Services for Families

Much like a school that creates a bespoke learning program for a child with special needs, I do not offer a one size fits all approach. Please look through the following services, but do not hesitate to contact me for more personalized needs.  If I can't help you, I probably know someone who can!

Examples of Services I provide:

Learner Profile
Creation of a customized Learner Profile which includes all information a school needs to know about a possible incoming student with special needs. I interview past teachers and therapists to create a clear and concise picture of your child's needs. International schools have raved about this format because they are able to understand a student's basic needs in minutes.
International School Search
I will investigate school options in your destination location. The schools will be presented with the Learner Profile I have created on your child. It can be a costly endeavor to apply for international schools, but by presenting them with a Learner Profile, they are able to quickly and easily communicate if their school is a good fit, saving you time and money.
Need Help Researching Schools?
Evaluate possible schools through the lens of a teacher to find the best fit for your child. April specializes in researching international schools as well as US special education services.
Beginning to End Service
Looking for a knowledgeable professional to lead your child's transition process? April can create a customized plan to best meet your family's needs.
What do these tests mean?
Interpretation of academic achievement and educational psychologist reports for families from a special education teacher's point of view.
Remfrey Educational Consulting can help you prepare to be the best advocate for your child. Worried about an upcoming meeting? Let April help walk you through the process and help you develop your own style of advocating.

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