"I think all of the services are great, but I found the completed Learner Profile the most useful. It is such a great way for individuals that have not met the child to get a good idea of their strengths and support needs without sifting through years of information.


Not only did I find April amazing, but all the teachers and therapists she interviewed regarding my child where impressed with her as well. She is a very smart, kind, empathetic person that really seems to understand what parents need. I was dreading the process of moving again and finding another school for my child, but April made the process so much less stressful. We will never make another international move again without April's help." ~Dana Foreign Service Family Member

"April is doing exceptional job in always advocating for the best interests of children with special needs such as our son. We have full confidence in her advice and support." ~Djurdja

"We’ve worked with many educational professionals as members of our daughter’s 'team' over the years. April Remfrey stands out as one of the most competent and results-oriented partners we have worked with. She helped us navigate the difficult road of successfully transitioning our special needs child from an international school to a US public school. April helped us consider our options, created an accurate picture of our child’s strengths and challenges, and spoke to the US district special needs leadership to facilitate proper placement of our child." ~Michele

"This was the first time we’ve moved when the school district said 'we will accept the IEP ‘as is’ and continue the services' rather than trying to convince us that our child should 'try mainstream for a few months and see how she does.' …Our daughter has never had such a positive transition. Thank you, April!" ~Jeff

"April evaluated schools based on aspects that we as parents did not even think of. She saw aspects in schools that could both affect quality of support and school experience that our son would have." ~Djurdja

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