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"I think all of the services are great, but I found the completed Learner Profile the most useful. It is such a great way for individuals that have not met the child to get a good idea of their strengths and support needs without sifting through years of information.


Not only did I find April amazing, but all the teachers and therapists she interviewed regarding my child were impressed with her as well. She is a very smart, kind, empathetic person that really seems to understand what parents need. I was dreading the process of moving again and finding another school for my child, but April made the process so much less stressful. We will never make another international move again without April's help." ~Dana, Foreign Service Family Member

"We found ourselves having to quickly find a new school for our son. Without April's help, we would have been floundering around trying to explain our situation to all the schools. But with April's help, we had a clear and concise story to tell which enabled us to engage a number of schools. As a result, we found a new place for our son and he is now thriving at a new school. Without April's help, we may not have been so fortunate to find a place.

Also because April did the initial approach to each of the schools we were not paying individual application fees which meant we saved more money than we spent on April's fees." ~Peter, Parent in Switzerland 

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"We’ve worked with many educational professionals as members of our daughter’s 'team' over the years. April Remfrey stands out as one of the most competent and results-oriented partners we have worked with. She helped us navigate the difficult road of successfully transitioning our special needs child from an international school to a US public school. April helped us consider our options, created an accurate picture of our child’s strengths and challenges and spoke to the US district special needs leadership to facilitate proper placement of our child." ~Michele

April was tremendously helpful to our family in so many ways. She offered the exact guidance we needed to understand the Swiss Schooling system. Additionally, she offered support to our daughter in many areas related to social development and school-related issues. April is very knowledgeable, caring, and gives accurate recommendations and advice. I am so glad we have April as a resource for our family. We all needed an advocate that listened and understood our needs - and she does. We would recommend April as a resource for any international family and any families with children with additional needs that need assistance with the Swiss School System. ~Amber, American parent in Switzerland

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As a childcare worker, I needed to do additional training about kids with ASD. Luckily I found April offering exactly this and I gained really precious knowledge- she is an experienced professional and provides great theoretical and practical expertise. ~Pavlina, Professional Nanny