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SENIA Certified Teaching Assistant Courses

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The SENIA Teaching Assistant Certification courses are perfect for beginning to intermediate level Learning Support teaching assistants or general education assistants who want to learn more about supporting neurodiverse students or those with disabilities.

Registration is ongoing, so join any open class at anytime. Complete all seven courses to become a SENIA Certified Teaching Assistant.Plus, cohort members receive one course free.

Parenting Children with Disabilities and Neurodiversities in Switzerland

parenting children wit disabilities and neurodiversities in Switzerland
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Your inclusion school guide

Hi, I'm April!

In 3rd grade, I often finished my work quickly and annoyed the teacher. The teacher would send me out to work in the ‘special ed classroom’. What the teacher thought was a punishment turned into my passion - helping neurodiverse individuals with disabilities!

While teaching for 20 years, I started identifying ways to create a better school environment that would help cater to those with neurodiversities and be better for everyone.

About 3 years ago, I decided I needed to pour 100% of my focus into building the inclusive capacities of schools and changing the future for the neurodiverse.

Today I proudly work with top schools and organizations on their inclusion practices and am a speaker among world-leading teacher conferences.

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