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In a world of better and easier access to professional development for teachers, there continues to be an uncomfortable void when it comes to finding good training for teaching assistants. So when schools around the world rely more and more on teaching assistants to bolster their learning support departments, we need to answer the call for meaningful training. The reality is that very few learning support departments in international schools would survive without them, so why not provide amazing training as well?

I have worked with, supported, and managed more teaching assistants than I can count at this point in my career in more than 15 different schools. But throughout those 20+ years of working with assistants, the gems still stick out in my mind. We often say we were lucky to find and retain a good assistant, but why can’t we take a bit of luck out of the process?

This course is written to provide deep and insightful content for international school, learning support deparment, teaching assistants.

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Your inclusion school guide

Hi, I'm April!

In 3rd grade, I often finished my work quickly and annoyed the teacher. The teacher would send me out to work in the ‘special ed classroom’. What the teacher thought was a punishment turned into my passion - helping neurodiverse individuals with disabilities!

While teaching for 20 years, I started identifying ways to create a better school environment that would help cater to those with neurodiversities and be better for everyone.

About 3 years ago, I decided I needed to pour 100% of my focus into building the inclusive capacities of schools and changing the future for the neurodiverse.

Today I proudly work with top schools and organizations on their inclusion practices and am a speaker among world-leading teacher conferences.

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