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It turns out inclusion is easier said than done!
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Are your Learning Support processes working smoothly?

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Is it difficult to synthesize a student's support journey?

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Is everyone involved on a student's team on the same page?

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Is your staff making informed programing decisions?

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Let’s turn those pain points into positive outcomes

Inclusion is the future of international schools
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Getting everyone on the same tool automatically systemizes your Learning Support department - including IEPs!
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Connect all individuals on a student's team and keep them informed of student progress
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Access to info from semester to semester/ year to year of a student's scholastic and developmental journey
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Store and analyze data to support students' learning needs and make informed curriculum decisions

"I am genuinely grateful for all the excellent work, guidance and advice that you have provided all of us, getting us prepared and ready for this new exciting step of co-teaching.

Your sessions are well thought out and well planned with a clear vision and expected outcome for each session. You are excellent at providing suggestions on how to proceed with the right balance between consultancy and inviting participants to identify their own solutions.

You meet your workshop participants in a calm and friendly manner and demonstrate a great ability to listen, be flexible and open-minded, thus embracing the input, ideas and different needs of the group. It has been a genuine pleasure working with you!"

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Helle Moller-Sorensen
Head of Learning Support, Bonn International School

Step platform to track progress

Strategic Tracking of Educational Progress

Strategic Tracking of Educational Progress (STEP) provides educators with a contemporary, comprehensive, and collaborative tool for tracking and monitoring student progress.

STEP allows teachers to easily assign goals for Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Response to Intervention Plans (RTI) from a bank of nearly 5,000 customizable goals and objectives. The program gives instructors the ability to systematically document progress over time and instantly see visual data representations that facilitate informed curriculum decisions.

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The Benefits of STEP on the Cloud


  • Access to 5,000+ goals and objectives
  • Ability to tailor the program to your school’s needs
  • Monitoring data collected by all staff members
  • Take secure qualitative notes on individual student
  • Integrate with any curriculum
  • Create IEPs, Transition, & Accommodation Plans


  • Internal communication embedded into the STEP system
  • Real time visual representations of your child’s progress over time
  • All records stored safely on the cloud


  • Bird’s eye view of students services
  • Monitor all privacy settings​
  • Monitor outside therapists
  • Differentiate your school from others
  • Secure, encrypted, and backed up on the cloud
  • Seamlessly plugs into your existing LMS


  • Choose from a variety of goals from the goal bank or input your own
  • Secure channels for communicating with parents and teaching staff
  • Session notes that can be easily shared with team members
  • Seamlessly communicate accommodations and modifications to team members
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STEP on the cloud


  • STEP provides international educators with immediate access to nearly 5,000 goals and objectives.
  • In addition to a preloaded goal bank, educators can personalize the percentage of mastery for each goal, identify which goals and objectives need to be targeted, and create bespoke student goals of their own.
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Software - inclusion focused


  • Say goodbye to burdensome spreadsheets and data tables!
  • With the STEP system and the proven technology of Unitus TI, logging data is efficient, accurate, and easy.
  • STEP reduces time spent on administrative tasks, leaving educators more time for teaching!
step software for educational progress tracking



  • Student success stems from making informed strategic teaching decisions based on current progress monitoring. Prioritizing informed decision-making is made painless with STEP.
  • Create annual IEPs, Transitions Plans, and Accommodation Plans using the STEP tool.
  • Utilizing STEP’s tools, international educators can create reports on student progress to their full team that are VISUAL, SECURE, and IN REAL TIME.

Learn More About UnitusTIAccess from any device, anywhere

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STEP is delivered via subscription to the UnitusTI electronic data records (EDR) cloud. Leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools, and program templates are built right into UnitusTI.

- See instant data and quickly graph progress to make informed decisions​

- Provide reports and share relevant data securely with others

​- Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track​

- Customizable data collection means you can track as much or as little as you need to keep your business humming and your clients happy

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What do Inclusive Schools Create?

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Well rounded citizens
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Respect for differences
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Teacher collaboration
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A sense of belonging
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High expectations for all
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Increased self-esteem
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