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Having the right support on your side makes all the difference

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It's not easy being an expat with a struggling learner

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You struggle to explain your child’s needs to schools

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School communication has become a massive stressor

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You’re moving to Switzerland and don’t understand the school system

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You struggle to create and keep routines with your kids

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Having the right support on your side makes all the difference

It turns out inclusion is not such an easy topic to tackle correctly
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Learner profile

A customized learner profile that gets to the heart of your child’s strengths and stretches
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School prep

School meeting preparation and an advocate on hand
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Swiss system

Access to the brain of an expert that understands the Swiss system as a teacher and parent
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For Expats

Someone who understands your family’s needs and can help bring back the calm

"We found ourselves stuck finding a new school quickly and without April's help, we would have been floundering! April crafted a clear and concise story and we found a new place for our son who is now thriving. Because April did the initial approach to each of the schools, we did not pay individual application fees which meant we saved more money than we spent on April's fees."

peter international school parent
Peter - International School Parent

Your inclusion guide

Hi, I'm April!

In 3rd grade, I often finished my work quickly and annoyed the teacher. The teacher would send me out to work in the ‘special ed classroom’. What the teacher thought was a punishment turned into my passion - helping neurodivergent individuals with disabilities!

While teaching for 20 years, I started identifying ways to create a better school environment that would help cater to those with neurodiversities and be better for everyone.

About 3 years ago, I decided I needed to pour 100% of my focus into building the inclusive capacities of schools and changing the future for the neurodiverse.

Today I proudly work with top schools and organizations on their inclusion practices and am a speaker among world-leading teacher conferences.

april remfrey

How I work

A proven method for countless expat families just like yours
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Let's meet for 15-minutes so I can hear what you need and how I can help
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We'll create a solid plan of support and get you to where you need to be
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Feel Empowered

Be your child's best advocate through guided support
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Personalized summary document

Learner Profile

Help school personnel that have not met your child get a good idea of their strengths and support needs

  • Educational ‘CV’ for your child
  • Past teachers and therapists interviewed
  • A clear and concise picture of your child’s needs
  • You control the narrative
school search assistance

School insights

School Search

Searching for a school while trying to plan an international move can be daunting

  • Narrow your search
  • Create a Learner Profile
  • Access to April’s extensive worldwide network
  • Find the right fit school
one on one consultation about your child's education

One-on-one consultation

One and Done

Do you need a one-time 1-hour consultation to ask all of your burning questions? 

  • What are my options for International schools?
  • I don’t understand the Swiss public schools! 
  • What is going to happen at the IEP meeting?
  • Why is the school asking us these questions?

Trusted by organizations worldwide to tackle inclusion

"April is very knowledgeable, caring, and gives accurate recommendations and advice. I am so glad we have April as a resource for our family. We all need an advocate that listens and understands our needs - and she does."

amber swiss public school parent
Amber - Swiss Public School Parent

As a childcare worker, I needed to do additional training about kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Luckily I found April offering exactly this and I gained really precious knowledge- she is an experienced professional and provides great theoretical and practical expertise.

pavlina is a professional nanny
Pavlina, Professional Nanny
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Why do you need a school inclusion consultant?

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‘Teacher’ speak translated
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A neutral perspective
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Access to a worldwide network
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Expert advice
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